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Showing 1 - 24 of 40 products
Pressure Washer Pation HPWA-PCK
100x4.5 Galv. F/H Nails (per kilo)
Sale priceFrom $6.71 NZD
100x4.5 Galv. F/H Nails (per kilo)Frankies Hardware In stock
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50x2.5 Galv. F/H Nails (1kg) per kilo
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Adjustable Nozzle AF2070
Sale price$2.75 NZD
Adjustable Nozzle AF2070Frankies Hardware In stock
Looping Shear 27'' 686mm 2303
Sale price$35.43 NZD
Looping Shear 27'' 686mm 2303Frankies Hardware In stock
Hose Connector 1/2'' AF3O5O
Sale price$2.41 NZD
Hose Connector 1/2'' AF3O5OFrankies Hardware In stock
Tap Adaptor (1/2''- 3/4'')  21-26.5mm
Hand Fan Rake 0814T
Sale price$5.50 NZD
Hand Fan Rake 0814TFrankies Hardware In stock
Metal Sprinkler with T-Spike AF4229
Small Trowel AF0809T
Sale price$6.79 NZD
Small Trowel AF0809TFrankies Hardware In stock
2- Way Connector AF3038
Sale price$2.15 NZD
2- Way Connector AF3038Frankies Hardware In stock
Small Hoe AF0806T
Sale price$5.42 NZD
Small Hoe AF0806TFrankies Hardware In stock
Barbed Wire 25kg*1.6mm
Sale price$154.78 NZD
Barbed Wire 25kg*1.6mmFrankies Hardware In stock
Pressure Sprayer 5LTR
Sale price$28.38 NZD
Pressure Sprayer 5LTRFrankies Hardware In stock
Spray Nozzle Metal
Sale price$57.96 NZD
Spray Nozzle MetalFrankies Hardware In stock
Wooden Hand Transplant
Sale price$20.72 NZD
Wooden Hand TransplantFrankies Hardware In stock
Wooden Hand Fork
Sale price$20.29 NZD
Wooden Hand ForkFrankies Hardware In stock
Wooden Handle Spade
Sale price$65.61 NZD
Wooden Handle SpadeFrankies Hardware In stock
Anti-twist unfitted hose 15m
Sale price$59.59 NZD
Anti-twist unfitted hose 15mFrankies Hardware In stock
Pressure Sprayer 7L
Sale price$52.02 NZD
Pressure Sprayer 7LFrankies Hardware In stock
Steel Armed Hose RPWA-SAH-8M
Sale price$110.06 NZD
Steel Armed Hose RPWA-SAH-8MFrankies Hardware In stock
18V ONE + 1.5AH Grass Shear
Sale price$352.55 NZD
18V ONE + 1.5AH Grass ShearFrankies Hardware In stock
18V ONE + 15L Garden Sprayer
Sale price$601.05 NZD
18V ONE + 15L Garden SprayerFrankies Hardware In stock
400W Trim Router RTR400-S
Sale price$252.80 NZD
400W Trim Router RTR400-SFrankies Hardware In stock

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