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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Apple Per Kilo
Frankie's Apple Per Kilo
Sale price$5.89 NZD
Apple Per Pack (5Pcs)
Frankie's Apple Per Pack (5Pcs)
Sale price$3.52 NZD
Frankie's Broccoli
Sale price$24.08 NZD
Carrot 1Kg
Frankie's Carrot 1Kg
Sale price$3.79 NZD
Frankie's Celery
Sale price$11.16 NZD
Fresh Orange Navel 1Kg
Frankie's Fresh Orange Navel 1Kg
Sale price$8.25 NZD
Green Cabbage
Frankie's Green Cabbage
Sale price$5.28 NZD
Oranges Fresh
Frankie's Oranges Fresh
Sale price$6.02 NZD
Potato 1kg (Per kg)
Frankie's Potato 1kg (Per kg)
Sale price$3.45 NZD
Potato 20kg
Frankie's Potato 20kg
Sale price$59.05 NZD

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